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She had the perfect husband, her dream career and plans to start a family.


It was all taken away when the former Toronto Homicide Detective was framed for murder.   After ten long years in prison a new forensic test disproved key evidence against her.  Reggie Swann is finally released, though many still doubt her innocence.  She will stop at nothing to clear her name and get her old life back, but first Reggie agrees to help solve a murder in her home town.


Everyone in Penticton believes that wealthy, hot-headed Stan Connelly killed his beautiful wife.  Even Reggie does, at first.  All the evidence points at him. Digging deeper, Reggie becomes convinced that something much more sinister is going on.  Is it possible she and Stan were framed by the same devious person?  Who will believe the wild theories of the disgraced detective?    The real killer does!


This time Reggie Swann must die!

     Wine...  Rock 'n Roll...



The morning after a huge party at his opulent Okanagan winery, legendary Rock ‘n Roll icon Milo Getz is found face down in a large tank of Zipper Ripper Red, one of his extremely popular wines. The police rule his death as accidental, but the grieving widow doesn’t agree. She believes her husband was murdered and hires Reggie Swann to investigate.

Who would want to harm the successful celebrity?

Reggie quickly discovers that the controversial rock star has almost as many enemies as fans. From his offensive song lyrics to the raunchy wine labels that outraged the traditional winemakers in the region, the dead singer managed to stir up contention where ever he went.




Lust, hate, greed and jealousy are just some of the motives Reggie uncovers as she delves deep into the latest Black Swann Investigation 




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Trapped on a train with a devious killer…

The Kettle Valley Railway was established over a hundred years ago. The line connected the communities around Lake Okanagan with each other and to the West Coast. In 1964 passenger service ended and 1989 saw the final freight train travel its rails. The majestic steam engines are running once again, providing scenic tours for locals and tourists.

Reggie Swann and her friends board a special late night running of the Okanagan Express. They are treated to gorgeous valley lights, good food and wonderful company, until things go horribly wrong. A whiteout storm strands the small train on one of the highest trestle bridges in North America. Then, to make matters worse, one of the passengers is murdered.


When all the evidence points at Alan Swift, Reggie’s boyfriend, the PI has only a few hours to prove his innocence before the police take over the case. A cunning and callous foe seems to be one step ahead of the detective at every turn.  When Alan is hauled off the train in handcuffs Reggie appears to be beaten, unless the Black Swann has another trick up her sleeve…