Author Interview Monsters and Miracles

We’re interviewing Wayne A.D. Kerr today, the author of MG paranormal adventure “Monsters and Miracles”. Enjoy the interview.

1) Why did you decide to write for middle graders?

First, thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about my book and me. This is my first interview, as an author, and I’m excited to get started.

I love this age group. The kids are smart, and they still live in a world with endless possibility and wonder. I first told this story to my daughter when she was a middle grader and now my nephews are, as well. I put the story on paper for them and their friends to enjoy.

2) How long did it take you to write “Monsters and Miracles” from start to finish?

I wrote the first draft of “Monsters and Miracles” in roughly six weeks. However, including editing and some rewrites it took four months to have it ready for publishing.

3) Is this book part of a series?

Yes. “Monsters and Miracles” is the first book in the “X + Y Files” series. “Kristin’s Ghost” is the title of the second book, and “Escape from Area 51″ will be released very soon.

4) How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing novels for two and a half years. I’ve always been an avid reader, and used to write short stories when I was in school.

5) Who is your favorite character from the book? And your least favorite?

That is a tough question. I like both Xander and Yzzie a lot. If had to choose today, I’m leaning towards Yzzie because she is such a powerful person, both physically and in strength of character. She reminds me of one of my cousins. Tomorrow, I might choose Xander… My least favorite character is Jason Bellamy, the bully that gave Xander a black eye.

6) What are you working on at the moment?

I’m currently working on a sequel to a fantasy novel that was recently published, “Dwelf – Guardian of the Realms”. In this story, a high school freshman discovered that her parents had been keeping a huge secret from her when she was kidnapped and taken to a strange, but somehow familiar, place. A world that is filled with ogres, elves, wizards and dragons. Is Jackie Summers even human? The truth may surprise even her… Also, I have some ideas for a fourth X + Y Files story. Keep reading my friends.

About The Book

Title: Monsters and Miracles (The X+Y Files #1)

Author: Wayne A.D. Kerr

Genre: Middle grade paranormal adventure

Is the local legend of survival truly a miracle? Why do his mother’s brownies taste so good? Is there other intelligent life in the universe?

Xander Bookman already knows the answer to one of these questions. With the assistance of his adventurous cousin, the seventh grader embarks on a quest to learn the truth about the other two. When Yzzie mysteriously disappears, Xander must find his way through a pitch black labyrinth, face monsters both real and imagined, travel across a strange secret world and get some help from some very unusual new friends to rescue her.

Join Xander and Yzzie on the adventure of a lifetime. The truth defies imagination.

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