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R.C. Bean's review

Nov 24, 14

5 of 5 stars bookshelves: adventure, fantasy, paranormal, reviewed-2014

Read from November 09 to 10, 2014

I was provided with a digital copy of "Monsters and Miracles" by Wayne A D Kerr in exchange for an honest review. I loved the colour theme on the cover of the book, which indicates a presentiment of risk and peril. This book is a very interesting chronicle of the adventures of Xander Bookman, an intelligent seventh grader. Xander is a loner and is shunned by his schoolmates, who are wary of his "alien sightings", also causing Xander to be sent away by his parents to his uncle's ranch. Alone and feeling lost, Xander is listless about the prospect but when he realises his cousin Yzzie is missing. He sets off on a quest to find her and finds himself in an incredible journey that takes him through a fearsome laybrinth and makes him befriend the most unusual comrades he could have hoped to find! Even the disbelieving and skeptical Yzzie soon finds herself being in awe of the paranormal occurences around her. As the author promises, "Truth does defy imagination" in this book that is sure to engage the curiosity of all minds alike. Although a book primarily targeted for pre-teens and teens, the book, I am sure will prove enjoyable for book lovers of all ages. The plot is gripping, doesn't slacken and the author manages to keep the narration flowing. Although more inclined towards being classified a paranormal adventure, the book has fulfilling moments of drama, friendship, self-realisation and other such elements. I love the characterisation and the reclusive Xander, cleverly masking in loneliness and longing, is sure to stay in the mind long after one has finished the book. Making up the perfect foil character for him is the happy and bubbly Yzzie. These two make an adorable team and their conversations make for an engrossing read. I certainly enjoyed reading this book and found it fascinating and absorbing. My rating for this book: 5 stars Review links:

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