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Black Swan Investigations

Reggie (Regina) Swann had it all: the perfect husband, a great house and the career she always wanted. Then everything was taken away, along with her freedom. Framed for murder, the former homicide detective spent ten years behind bars until a new forensic technique negated the key evidence from her trial.

Freed but not fully exonerated, the Toronto PD won't have her back. With no husband, no home and no job, Reggie moves back to her hometown to live with her mother until she gets back on her feet. Anxious to find the real killer and get her old life back, fate may have other plans for Reggie Swann.

Book one: Guilty Until Proven Innocent - The murder of a beautiful socialite has rocked the sleepy city of Penticton. When all the evidence points to her arrogant husband, Reggie is the only person who believes his pleas of innocence. I he didn't do it, who did? The truth will surprise everyone.

Book two: - A Pinot Noir to Die For - In this quick read novella, rock legend Milo Getz is found dead in a vat of wine at his boutique vineyard. The police have ruled it an accident, but Reggie isn't so sure. Who would want to kill the Canadian icon? Black Swan Investigations is on the case.

Book three: Murder on the Kettle Valley Express - I'm currently working on the second draft of this, the third book in the mystery series.

Reggie Swann is the Okanagan's favorite private investigator!

2016 was a busy year. I wrote all of the above and began a twitter account. I should have more time to devote to this blog in the future.

Please watch for my books to be available soon!

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